Journey Consulting is a Los Angeles-based entertainment financial consulting firm that gives you the financial analysis and projections necessary to approach investors with confidence. Founder Andrew Kirkley has a degree in Finance from The Wharton School and worked as an Investment Banker for JP Morgan in New York City and Crédit Lyonnais in Paris before moving to Los Angeles to pursue his passion of making movie magic. He currently uses his financial expertise and love of storytelling to empower other filmmakers to bring their stories to life. Don't let a lack of financial knowledge prevent the world from seeing your vision.

cashflow waterfalls

We use a proprietary algorithm based on current trends to project net revenues from  domestic and foreign box office, DVD, VOD, and TV rights. under multiple distribution scenarios to give you and investors a clear picture of the expected return on investment.


Using our in-house database, which includes detailed financial estimates for over 3,000 films, we compare your film to similar films. Based on information such as the cash flow, return on investment, and market penetration of comparable films, we show investors why they need to be on board.

Demographic Analysis

Find out what the latest demographic trends mean for your film. We delve deeper to analyze how similar films performed across relevant demographic categories, which gives investors greater confidence in the market size and potential profitability of your film. 


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Andrew Kirkley



When I got the comps and waterfall he prepared

I was blown away

Andrew was a surprise to me. I had agreed to help a low budget film as a co-producer. When I got the business plan, comps, and waterfall he prepared, I was blown away. Since that time, when I teach, his paperwork is the example I have the students review. I have introduced Andrew to many of my PGA colleagues and referred several clients to him. He is a real find.

Bruce Nahin - Producer

 CEO - Janick Entertainment


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