Frequently asked questions

Do I still need a pitch deck if I have a great script?

Absolutely! The pitch deck is one of the most essential tools for any project looking to raise capital. Less than one fifth of one percent of scripts receive funding. A professional pitch deck will help get you into the rooms you need to be in.

What are film comps and what can they do for me?

We analyze films similar to yours using cutting edge research methodologies to forecast the success of your project. Based on information such as the cash flow, return on investment, and market penetration of comparable films, our experts can evaluate the potential of your film. We then present this information in industry standard formats so that investors can quickly see why they need to be on board. Click on the Services tab to see an example.

What are cash flow waterfalls?

Cash flow waterfalls break down the projected net revenues for your project from all different sources including domestic and foreign box office, DVD, VOD, and TV rights. Using current market trends along with comparable films, we project these revenues under multiple different scenarios to give you and investors a clear picture of the expected return on investment. Click on the Services tab to see an example.

How do I know if my project needs a financial analysis?

Are you planning to raise money outside of friends and family? If you said yes, then you need a professional financial analysis for your project. Investors expect to see extensive, in-depth spreadsheets and financial models to predict the expected success of your film. Our experts know how to speak the language investors understand.

How long will it take to complete?

Thanks to our in-house database and proprietary models, the financial analysis can typically be completed in less than a week.

How much will I be involved in the process?

We recommend that you put a lot of thought into the initial paperwork and discovery session. While Journey Consulting will do all the heavy lifting, it’s important that you define and communicate your vision so we can provide the most meaningful work for you. Also, we are happy to clarify and assist with any questions you might have. If you would like us to advise you on the answers beyond our discovery session, we offer a consultation of up to 1 hour for an additional $150.

Why can't I do this myself?

Even if you have an outstanding business background, it can take months to process relevant market research, model your financial projections, and synthesize all your data. It’s much more efficient for you to focus on developing your project while leveraging outside experts to perform the financial analysis. In addition, we subscribe to exclusive academic research to which you would not have access. The research reports alone are usually worth more than the analysis you are paying for.

Do I have to pay upfront?

Yes, a 50% non-refundable deposit is required to begin work and you will need to pay the full balance before we can send you a draft. Please understand that we are a service provider and have no way of collecting payment once you are in possession of a draft. We will work had to ensure your satisfation including two rounds of minor adjustments.

Will you always agree with me?

You are paying for our expert analysis. We promise to always give you our honest opinion. Having said that, you are the client and we will follow your direction as much as possible.

Do I need to be located in Los Angeles to work with you?

Absolutely not! We work with clients across the country and throughout the world. We can accomplish everything we need to do through email, phone, and video conferencing. Of course, if you are going to be in the Los Angeles area, we would love to meet with you face to face.

Who are you and what are your qualifications?

Our founder, Andrew Kirkley, is an actor, producer, and financial consultant who understands the entertainment business from many different perspectives. Before entering the entertainment world, Andrew earned a degree in Finance from The Wharton School, as well as degrees from the University of Pennsylvania and SciencesPo in Paris. After graduating from SciencesPo, he worked as an investment banker for Credit Lyonnais in Paris in the Mergers & Acquisitions department. He continued his work as an investment banker with JP Morgan in New York in the elite Financial Institutions Group. Since leaving investment banking, Andrew has founded multiple successful businesses teaching people how to achieve success both in the academic and financial fields. He currently uses his financial and business expertise and his love of storytelling to empower other filmmakers to share their visions with the world.

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