What if money wasn't the primary stress in your life? 

Personal Financial Consulting

Who I Am

Currently, I'm an actor, producer, and financial consultant. Before that, I got a degree in Finance from The Wharton School and worked as an Investment Banker for JP Morgan in NYC (aka Wall Street) and Credit Lyonnais in Paris (aka rue de Wall😉). 

What I Do

I use my skills to help you demystify money so you can feel more empowered when it comes to your finances. Together we'll create an action plan to take control, get out of debt, and make more money. I know firsthand your struggle as an actor : the irregular income and all the things you have to spend money on. I can help you get a handle on that without all the anxiety and attachment. 


Andrew Kirkley

Founder of Journey Consulting

Kickstart Package (90 mins) -

First Session (1 hour)  - 

  • Get a clear picture of your financial situation to stop feeling helpless

    • Address any ideas that come up (money is part of the illusion🧘‍♂️)

  • Set up a debt repayment plan (if appropriate) to create clarity and relief for your future

    • Included spreadsheet to track your progress so I can support you

  • Set up financial planning software and go over some of the tools and tricks to feel like a boss over your financial life

  • Start the process of creating a budget to stop the chaos of the mind and get out of the dark

Second Session (30 mins) - ideally, 1 - 3 weeks later

  • Finish creating your budget to know exactly where your money goes

  • Calculate your monthly “nut” to know your specific goal to aim for (PS - it’s more than just your bills)

  • Discover if you’re overspending in any categories so you can stop doing that ;) or feel relieved knowing that you're actually on track

  • Discuss an action plan for income to take back control of your life and make more fucking money (!!)

Both sessions will be in person. I’ll give you prep work for our first session, don’t worry. I encourage you to ask as many questions as possible. 

Additional Consulting - $150 / hour