What We Do

Cashflow Waterfalls

  • Breakdown of revenues and expenses from all revenue sources 

    • (US & Foreign Box Office, TVOD, Streaming, and Blu-Ray/DVD)

  • Income projections under multiple distribution strategies

  • Proprietary algorithm based on data from 3,000+ films

Film Comps

  • Overview of all similar films based on genre, budget, ​etc.

    • includes estimated profit and ROI

  • Detailed revenue breakdown of selected comparable films

    • includes​ estimated P & A costs

Demographic Analysis

  • Analysis of demographic trends of your target market

    • We help determine the most relevant categories to analyze. 

  • Breakdown of these trends as it relates to your comparable films

  • Income projections based on these demographic trends

    • Give investors a second opinion for increased confidence​

Cast / Crew Profitability Reports

  • Profitability reports for key Crew positions

    • Sales agents give you this info for actors, but now, find out which crew members have the best track record. 

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